Crypto Research Group Findings

This group is free, but private and requires approval from the administrator. Each member of the group performs one or more functions below and reports the data in the private members' only section of this website. Please specify which function(s) you will contribute when you apply for membership.

  • Identifying potential new cryptos from price acceleration (, YouTube recommendations or Twitter recommendations.
  • Researching these new cryptos and writing a short one-paragraph description of their use, whether unique or not, and comparison with other better-known cryptos.
  • Researching their development, marketing and business team.
  • Researching their social media activity in Reddit, etc.
  • Social media promotion of our chosen cryptos after we have taken a position.
  • Reporting on their price performance after one week, one month, three months, six months and one year.

To join please use the Contact form above to request membership in the group and include your background and which contributions you wish to make.

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