Free cryptocurrency training and how to open a Bitcoin account video!

Teeka Tiwari is a retired hedge fund manager and I subscribe to his very expensive newsletter on cryptocurrency. It has been instrumental in making me significant profit.

He is doing a free training webinar this Thursday night (July 20) at 8 pm. He also has two free videos. The latest shows how to open an account to buy Bitcoin.

I highly recommend you sign up and attend his webinar and watch the videos.

Click here to sign up and watch the videos now.

What’s happening on or before August 1 that you must know about?

Currently, Bitcoin can handle about five transactions per second. That was fine in Bitcoin’s infancy. However, if you compare it to Visa’s average of 2,000 transactions per second, you can see Bitcoin’s capacity is not enough for the future and it’s causing Bitcoin transactions to take a long time.

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Bitcoin price forecast – 25 June 2017

I am expecting Bitcoin and altcoins to maintain current price levels or drop until the debate on SegWit is decided. Then I expect a very quick rise and for Bitcoin to trade over $3000 before the end of the year.

I expect that SegWit will be accepted. On the Bitfinex exchange, you can buy tokens for only one of the possible future coins. People are paying $2250 for Bitcoins after SegWit and $235 for new Bitcoin Unlimited coins. That means the vote is nine times larger for adopting SegWit.

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Experts are saying to prepare for the August 1 change, you should have control of your private key. So, what is a private key?

If you buy and hold Bitcoin on a website exchange, such as, or in an online wallet. such as, you will not know about private keys because you do not need to. While they are there behind the scenes, the exchange or online wallet is handling them for you. However, if you have or plan to hold Bitcoins on a smartphone wallet, you do have to know something about them.

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Peter gives a talk on Bitcoin secrets and how to get started

Peter Glickman giving Bitcoin basics at Marlene Rose Gallery in Clearwater

Many thanks to Marlene Rose Gallery in downtown Clearwater for a beautiful venue for last night’s seminar on Bitcoin.    People enjoyed the venue as much as the easy manner that Peter conveyed a technical subject in understandable bites.

“Very Well explained.  I learned enough to really want to get started.” said Neal F.

Anita D. stated “I had never heard of this concept and it makes sense.  I am interested in knowing more about it.  I am curious now in this evolution in currency.  I am glad I made the time to come and listen to it, it was interesting and simple.”

David A said “Finally I understand what a bitcoin is and it’s source and mining.”

Several pre-purchased the book at the event, and more said they would come to to purchase it online, as well as post any further questions in the forum there.

What’s with the BIG drop today?

Bitcoin came down from $2900 to $2100 over the last 36 hours or so and left me wondering what to do. Clearly if I knew it was going to happen, I’d have traded it for Tether (USDT), which holds its value at about one dollar. That’s the equivalent of selling it all for dollars except it doesn’t trigger a taxable gain! Then I would use it to buy Bitcoin back at the bottom of the drop. Unfortunately, my crystal ball is broken and I didn’t expect it.

So, after the fact, what should I do?

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