Help Ensure My New Book Covers What You Want to Know

I’m a week or so away from publishing my eBook on Bitcoin: How to Make Money with It. I’ve put the Table of Contents below. Please leave me your comments on any other topics you want to know or other suggestions for the book. Thanks.

A Brief, Interesting History of Money
Minted coins
Paper Money
Our Modern World
Bitcoin, What It Is
How is it possible to have currency not issued by a government or bank?
Bitcoin Investment Program
Brief History of Bitcoin
How to Buy & Sell Bitcoin
How to Track Bitcoin
Bitcoin Q & A
What is mining?
Should I sell my 401K and buy Bitcoin?
What’s happening on or before August 1 that you must know about?
What does the August 1 change mean to you?
Bitcoin price forecast – 25 June 2017
What to do about the August 1 change
Some experts are saying that to prepare for the possible change
August 1, you should use a wallet that gives you control of
your private key. So, what is a private key?
What is the big deal about a fork?
Which wallet should I use?
What is the best way to start?

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