Bitcoin Price Forecast

I wrote the paragraphs below on July 9, but they are still very relevant.

As of mid-June 2017, Bitcoin has been level or very slightly down. In mid-June, it hit nearly $3,000 per coin. (You can buy less than a Bitcoin and you really should start with just $100.) As of July 9, it is at $2,575. [Today, 14 July, it is $2,208 on the exchange.]

Bitcoin has become so popular that the transaction processing is having trouble keeping up with the demand. There are two solutions, but unfortunately there hasn’t been any agreement on which way to go. This stalemate is holding the price down.

As I explained in the “Bitcoin Q & A” section of my new book, Bitcoin-Secrets: How to Make Money with Bitcoin, pressure is building that should force a decision on or before August 1. Then I expect a very quick rise breaking up to $3000 before the end of 2017.

So, now is the time to learn how to set up your accounts and buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Then you will be ready to make big profits when the price rises. If you don’t know how to do that, you should get my new book, Bitcoin-Secrets: How to Make Money with Bitcoin because the Quick Start Guide that comes with it has detailed instructions and screen shots showing exactly how to do that.

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