URGENT: What’s happening with Bitcoin’s price drop right now

A few days ago, Bitcoin Cash price starting skyrocketing. Then two days ago, Bitcoin’s price started on a big drop. I’ve been wondering what was causing this, but couldn’t find anything to explain it to my satisfaction. Then yesterday morning I found an open letter that explained it. It was shocking and I didn’t know if it was real or what to do if it were. After a few hours, I decided to move all my Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash. This was a risky move and counter to anything I’d done before. I wasn’t ready to broadcast the news to others until I saw confirmation. Today’s prices are confirmation.

I’m NOT telling you to sell all your Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash unless you are a serious risk taker. I am telling you what I found so you can decide what to do. You may want to consider moving 50% of your Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash.

I do think you must have this data now.

Here is the link to my non-technical revision of the original article. I’ve removed the super technical material or explained it in simple non-computer terms.

Here is the link to the original article on the web.

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