Report from Blockchain Expo in Silicon Valley Nov. 39 & 30 Nov.

In case you’re new, I’ve defined “blockchain” here at the beginning, so you don’t get lost.

Blockchain — Every 10 minutes for Bitcoin (shorter intervals for other cryptocoins) all the information on transactions and new coins mined (created) is written in a block of data on all the computers in the Bitcoin (or other coin) network. Each block has a secret code created from all the data of the last 10 minutes plus the secret code of the previous block. Thus the secret codes “chain” these blocks of data together. To “counterfeit” a false block giving a hacker counterfeit Bitcoins, he would therefore have to create an entire false blockchain of 498746 blocks (as of 8:48 am EST). Thus, the blockchain provides tremendous security for digital currency and/or data.

The Expo was exciting! 10,500 people and 300 exhibits covering cryptocurrency and blockchain, the Internet of Things (smart objects in the real world able to interact, such as self-driving cars or voice activated lamps) and artificial intelligence (computer programs that “learn” as you use them, like Google discovering what you search for and feeding you relevant advertising based on that).

It reminded me of the personal computer industry in the mid-1980’s when all the software and hardware was new. There had never been personal computers before. Word processing programs, spreadsheet programs, bookkeeping programs were just being developed for the first time. The industry was booming and the excitement of creation was contagious!

Even though I got back a week and a half ago, I am still struggling to catch up on my emails, calls and so forth. But I did want to get you a report on new coins of interest. Please note I have not had time to check these out. So you will have to do your own homework on them if you want to invest in them. I do hope you find these of value, but keep in mind I’m not an investment advisor. Just a cryptocoin writer sharing my views with you.

  • Electroneum
  • Crypto world evolution
  • Cryptonium
  • ARK
  • Cardana
  • Celsius (lending)
  • WALA (lending with profits)
  • ICON (Korea)
  • YINC
  • STACK Dec 13 crowdsale (not open to US or Canadians)
  • Personal Artificial Intelligence (PAI)
  • FUZE
  • Basic Attention Token
  • Substratem
  • Vaultbank

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