9 Crypto Picks for 2018 and Beyond

Most crypto investors are on the search for new ideas. However, I haven’t posted much lately, so I thought I’d take a look at what other people are talking about.

Clif High is either revered as a guru or cursed as a sham, but these coins look very interesting. Some need no introduction. Some may be brand new. Do your own research. This is his data except where I’ve made comments that are clearly my own.

His top 3 safest coins are…
Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC or, on the Kraken exchange, XBT). They have the three largest market caps (market capitalization = # coins x price of a single coin).

Ripple has demonstrated the ability to transfer large sums of money from one continent to another and has agreements with American Express and Banco Santander among others. Banco Santander is a Spanish bank operating on 4 continents and ranked as the 37th largest corporation in the world. These partnerships are significant.

Ethereum has the second largest  market cap of any cryptocurrency and most new coins are designed to run on Ethereum. This makes Ethereum a long-term stable investment.

Bitcoin is the obvious safe choice. People who don’t know what cryptocurrency is recognize the name Bitcoin. In fact, they usually think all cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin.

The 3 medium risk coins are Litecoin (LTC), Icon (ICX) and NEO

Litecoin just announced it will release LitePay, their instant payment service for merchants that will also reduce the merchant’s cost per transaction. Hence the stronger price rise vs. the larger crypto universe.

Icon is already providing blockchain solutions to banks, hospitals and universities in Korea. Korea has come out publicly for regulating cryptocurrencies rather than banning them and is a very tech savvy country. I visited ICON’s presentation and booth at the conference I attended in Silicon Valley in November and bought it afterwards. There existing use of their coin and blockchain is impressive. This is not vaporware. This is actually working.

NEO has been one of my favorites so I was pleased to see it’s one of Clif’s also. He’s called it the Chinese Ethereum. Other coins are being developed on it just like new coins on Ethereum.

The high-risk coins he likes are Dragonchain (DRGN), Trinity Network Credit (TNC) and Bitcoin Private (BTCP).

Dragonchain was developed as a Disney project to permit programmers to easily and quickly create blockchain applications using software languages with which they were already familiar. There are already new coins at work with Dragonchain to create these applications.

I’d never heard of Trinity Network Credit before this. It is a system to allow NEO to run faster, like the Lightning Network for Bitcoin. As more and more new coins are developed on NEO, the demand for throughput will escalate. If NEO succeeds, Trinity will be a BIG winner, but it is also a BIG gamble. TNC can be bought on Kucoin.

Likewise, I had never heard of Bitcoin Private before this either. Bitcoin Private will be created from forks of Bitcoin and ZClassic (ZCL) around February 28. Holders of Bitcoin and/or ZClassic will receive 1 Bitcoin Private for each Bitcoin and/or ZClassic they are holding at the time of the fork provided it is in a wallet or on an exchange that will support the new coin. ZClassic can be bought on Bittrex if you already have an account there or on Cryptopia, which is accepting new accounts.

Bitcoin Private takes the lower transaction costs and faster transaction settlements of Bitcoin Cash and adds privacy to them. Clif believes Bitcoin Private will be valued equal to or better than Bitcoin Cash.

At the end, Clif says Bitcoin (BTC) is the best investment as it is a well recognized brand and has improved its transaction speed and lowered costs. With the recent drop of 60%, it could return a comfortable 75% profit with relative safety compared to the other coins.

Note: This info was taken from the YouTube video “Clif High – The Top 10 Crypto For 2018 (3 Risky, 3 Safe, 3 Medium, And 1 Winner)” posted Feb. 10 2018.

Full disclosure: I already owned all the coins except Litecoin, Trinity Network Credit and ZClassic. While writing this article, I bought those three as well and am holding the ZClassic coins in the ZClassic Electrum wallet so I am certain to get my Bitcoin Private when the fork happens.

I hope you do your own homework and find this information valuable.

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    1. Ripple is the number three cryptocurrency by market volume and has several banks using it for international settlement. It should do well from the 50 cent level it’s at now and with real use by real companies should have a good future.

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