It’s been a rough year so far, but it’s about to get better & free crypto

I haven’t posted much with cryptos dropping 70% this year, but Bitcoin appears to have hit bottom. It’s not gone below about $6,000 for a bit over three months. Further support for this is that the last run up of 1000%+ from August to November 2013 started from $100, hit $1,100 and then crashed back to about $200, twice what it started from.

In 2017, it started its run from about $3,000 in August and ran up 700% to about $20,000 in December.  So, dropping back to $6,000 matches the past.

With limited downside and news of Yale University investing in crypto; Starbucks, Microsoft and the parent company of the NYSE announcing a subsidiary to permit merchants like Starbucks to accept crypto, and the 30-billion dollar trading company, TD Ameritrade, announcing ways for small retail investors to invest in crypto; this is a good time to get in.

As with all speculative investments, DO NOT INVEST MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. Separate from losing money, if you worry about the investment, you’ll sell when the market takes a dip (bottom) and buy when you feel good (top). So, invest an amount that will let you sleep at night and hold through the declines.

Here’s an interesting way to get some crypto that has value for free…really!

Electroneum was the first cryptocurrency that was designed to be mined (created) on mobiles!! The target of this cryptocurrency is people in undeveloped countries that are too poor to have bank accounts.  In the Asia-Pacific, the World Bank sees increased banking penetration as a $79 billion opportunity for personal banking of individuals with under $8k in annual income. Likewise, it sees a $95 billion opportunity in micro and small business banking in the region.  It’s marketcap at this moment is $160 million.

Electroneum has a patent-pending Global instant payments system that is working in beta now.

Go here to download Electroneum’s app from the App Store or iTunes and instantly start mining … FOR FREE!!

When you start mining, if you use my referral code 727B83 (That’s the letter B followed by the number 8), you’ll get an extra 1%  of what you  mine. The referrer (me) gets 5% of what you mine. So, tell others and have them use your referrer number. (After you set up the wallet, click on the “EARN FREE COINS” link at the bottom of the app’s home screen.

You won’t get rich, but it’s fun. I’ve earned about 60 cents (30 Electroneum) in less than a week and it doesn’t slow down my cellphone.

New MUCH EASIER software for the Ledger Wallet

Got the ledger wallet, but find that the Chrome extension programs to use it are painful? Now, there’s a simple, easy program you can download to your computer that is simple, simple, simple.

Get it by clicking here.

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