The Kraken exchange out of San Francisco is reducing some functions. Why?

Kraken’s been growing leaps and bounds. All the crypto exchanges have.

From what I see, the Federal Reserve is going to start tightening the money supply in October and it may choke the stock market’s expansion. Where to put all that money to be safe? Into cryptocurrency, of course.

Whether Kraken agrees with me or not, Kraken has decided to increase its computing capacity to accommodate more action quickly.

They’ve identified areas using much more computing capacity than their standard ‘bread and butter’ trades and are eliminating those areas to quickly increase computing capacity by temporarily eliminating the lesser used functions that did use much more capacity.

They haven’t eliminated trading in the cryptos they listed, just said you have to trade ETH or BTC for them instead of fiat currency.

As for the advanced order functions, I’ve never used them in a year+ of trading.

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