Yes, I can make money with Bitcoin, but what value does it add to the real world?

Each token represents a different benefit. I’ve given 3 different examples below, but investing in any crypto token strengthens that token’s network. Networks increase in value with each additional person on the network. If you are the only person with a phone and you have no one to call, the phone is worthless except as a toy. When your best friend also has a phone it gains value. When everyone you know has a phone, its value has increased immeasurably. If only you have a Facebook account it’s not much value, but when a billion people have accounts you can do great things with it: visit with friends, promote your business, watch videos, listen to music, etc.


Theta is the next step in online video streaming similar to how YouTube changed traditional video in 2005.

Each person holding Theta is expanding the funding and capacity to create a decentralized (not controlled by any one person or group) network that offers improved video delivery around the world at lower costs and without the possibility of censorship.

Ether (ETH)

Each person buying ETH helps build the Ethereum network. (ETH is the token used on the Ethereum network.) People who buy and hold ETH empower the network to become larger and more powerful and thereby allow more than 200,000 other tokens to operate.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Each additional person who buys and holds even a small piece of Bitcoin strengthens the social agreement that Bitcoin, limited to 21 million coins, is a better store of value than fiat currency which can be and is printed on demand by governments to spend as they want.

A look at US history shows that during the US Revolutionary War, Congress initially issued 2 million Continental dollars. Each one was declared to be equal to one minted dollar of gold or silver (called specie). Eventually more than 200 million Continentals were issued back by only 10 million specie coins. Continentals crashed in value. It took 100 Continentals to buy what one dollar of gold or silver could buy. Frantic price control laws were enacted by the various states, but that didn’t solve the problem. Eventually Congress was forced to go back to specie.

Then in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt eliminated US citizens’ ability to exchange $20.67 of fiat money for one ounce of gold. This allowed the government to print fiat money without limit to combat the Great Depression.

In 1971, President Richard M. Nixon eliminated foreign governments and citizens’ ability to exchange fiat money for gold.

To handle the Real Estate/Banking bubble of 2008, the Fed used this unlimited ability to print 29 TRILLION dollars. (

In just the last 2 years, money, already printed and approved to be printed, for Covid relief has totaled 12 TRILLION dollars. (

All of the above has resulted in the current greenback, fiat dollar being worth only four 1913 cents! (

It’s time for history to repeat itself. People, using specie as currency, defeated the worthless Continental paper dollar. Now the printing of fiat money is destroying the value of the dollar once again. Bitcoin is limited in supply, just like gold and silver, as opposed to unlimited printing of paper money. Bitcoin is a means of forcing governments to return to currency that cannot be inflated by printing.)

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