Here’s what I bought last night

Looking for other cryptocurrency coins to buy? Here’s what I just bought.

I bought Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM (also called XEM), IOTA, Stratis, PIVX, Veritaseum and BitConnect. As I said in my book and Quick Start Guide, it is important to diversify unless you are only starting with $100 or so.
If you want to follow me, Bitcoin and Ethereum can be bought on most exchanges. NEM, Stratis and PIVX can be bought on You’ll have to send Bitcoin to Bittrex and use that to purchase these three. You will not have to go through a time-consuming verification for Bittrex as it only trades in cryptocurrency and not in dollars. IOTA is sold on and you’ll have to send Bitcoin to Bitfinex to use to buy IOTA. Likewise, you will not have to go through time-consuming verification for Bitfinex because you will only be trading in cryptocurrency, not in dollars. BitConnect is only traded at Again, you’ll have to send Bitcoin to the Bitconnect exchange to use to buy BitConnect coin, but you won’t have to be verified. Veritaseum is far to difficult to buy unless you are a programmer.
Definitions for cryptocurrency, exchange and the other essential words of this subject are in my book.
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Also, If you are worried about what may happen to Bitcoin on August 1, you can read my suggestions for that too in my book, which includes a Quick Start Guide with screenshots. Get more information and invest in your financial education!



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